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Witch Costume Women-How To Make it On A Budget

The witch costume women is a Halloween classic, but how do you combine it on a tight budget?

Well, it’s easier than you think! Take a look at our cheap costume ideas for inspiration – we’ve combined some items you already have around the house with some cool accessories to help you create an amazing costume like pirate costume women, alien costume women, angel costume women, clown costume women for very little money and effort.

You’ll find everything we use in our massive collection of accessories, perfect for recreating a simple Halloween look at home. Let us begin!! 

Witch Costume Women are becoming more and more popular and in recent years they are really popular with fans of anime, manga, sci-fi, and fantasy games who want to dress up as their favorite characters. More and more people are looking to make their own fancy dress costumes and in this guide, we’re going to look at some of the things you’ll need to make your first female witch costume.

Steps to making a Witch Costume Women: 

The basis of any witch costume women is a simple black dress. It can be any style depending on what type of image you are going to create, it doesn’t really matter.

If you’re wearing an old dress and aren’t afraid to mess it up a bit, we suggest cutting a zigzag pattern along the bottom hemline to make it look more rugged and spooky.

Next, you’ll need a witch costume women ‘s hat. You can buy one for cheap, or this gorgeous puffy top hat, but if you’re making a last-minute suit and it’s too late to buy, learn how to make your own here. Done with the base witch costume women, now it’s time to accessorize it!

The key to a good witch costume women is the details, and you shouldn’t miss this if you’re putting together a cheap witch costume. The shoes cover the same slit right above the shoes, giving the illusion of pointed witch boots for a fraction of the cost. Aren’t they amazing?


Need Green and black stripy tights

Then there are your tights! Stripes like this are a really inexpensive way to make your witch costume women a little more fun, and bright color like green or purple that really stands out would be perfect.

Plus, tights are perfect for keeping your feet warm on a cold October evening!

Finally, you will need a broom! You may have one lying around in your garden shed, but if you don’t, one would be a very cheap addition to your witch costume women.

(PS. Don’t throw it away after Halloween – you can always use it for a Harry Potter costume!)

Cute Pirate Costume Women:

The pirate costume for women is a fun and amazing costume that you can easily make yourself. You might think that this costume is not the most unique idea, but by making it yourself, you can add your creativity and edge and get the perfect female pirate costume.

Steps to follow:

I wore a cheap shirt that I bought from the Salvation Army. I thought the red and white stripes matched the pirate theme.

Using scissors or a utility knife, rip the edges of the shirt in a triangular motion. The triangles don’t have to be the same size, shape, or well done if you want the shirt to look worn. I also replaced the laces on the neck with brown Italian leather trim 88742-BROWN for a vintage look.

For the belt, I used 2 meters of 42157-ANTR metallic faux leather minion. To make the belt thicker, it is wrapped twice around the hips.

I embellished the belt to give the pirate the feel he wanted. At first, I glued 2 bracelets with 36770ANTS metal pieces, then I scattered metal pieces of different colors. Nickel #36772 SHINNY, Silver #36772ANTS, Gold #36772 SHIG, and Brass #36772 ANTBR

To complete the belt, simply slip it around your waist and decide exactly how you want it to fit. Use a knife or leather awl to make a hole for the buckle, I chose the metal sword buckle #37242 ANTB, thread the buckle through the leather, and secure the clasp through the hole.

Alien costume women

We still don’t know what other life is lurking in the universe, so making your own alien costume for women is pure fun! You might immediately think of little green creatures with bulging eyes or silvery intergalactic aliens, but who really knows what aliens look like? This is the most fun part of making your own Halloween alien costume: no one can say it doesn’t look real.

You can go old-school moviegoer and create a retro Martian look (think: lots of green, including skin, hair, clothes, and mustache). Or opt for a more modern space version (use lots of silver or gold metallic materials, glitter, and face paint). Alien costume women are easy to wear, you can even make it a last-minute Halloween costume because the interpretation is up to you.

Whether you’re looking to show off your crafty side or shop for a Halloween costume, we’ve rounded up some fun and creative takes on space and its alien inhabitants.

 Cut out a large trapezoid with a utility knife. Then, using it as a template, circle and cut out five more. After measuring 4″ up, make cuts in each shape so they fold. This is how we will assemble the 3D UFO. In a well-ventilated area, spray silver paint on each trapezoid, making sure the edges of the foam board are covered as well. Let them dry completely.

Glue six trapezoids together on each side, making sure the seams are as close together as possible to assemble the UFO. Once the ship is assembled, cut out a semicircle from the acetate sheet and glue it to one of the UFO panels. Print this alien template and stick it to your window with clear tape. Cut out red, orange, and yellow felt flames and hot glue them to the bottom of the UFO. Cut out small circles for the UFO lights from construction paper and hot glue them to the front.

Have a friend help you attach the cinch straps to each side of the UFO so you can wear the suit! As the last step, you will make the alien headband that Kyle wears! Wrap a simple headband with green felt. Paint different sized Styrofoam balls green (we used five) and attach them to the headband. Glue white felt circles to the front of the eyes, then use a marker to color in the center to make an eyeball.


Life is busy and it’s easy to forget to plan your Halloween costume. Fortunately, there are plenty of last-minute ideas for women that strike the perfect balance between simplicity and creativity. The best part about these costumes is that you probably already have some of these outfits in your closet, so all you have to do is put them on and you’re ready to look spookily festive. These above super easy costume ideas that you can make in no time. Now get scared!

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