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Why you should consider a career in iGaming

igaming affiliate network

Although things may be gloomy on the high street right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta’s iGaming affiliate network is still thriving, which is excellent news for anyone looking for a new job.

As a lot of businesses move towards a mobile-first approach, iGaming is one of the sectors that continues to grow as more and more of us use our smartphones and tablets for everything. When you can place a bet without leaving your sofa, why walk all the way to your local casino or high street?

According to the European Gaming & Betting Association, online gambling grew by 11% in 2019. 

In addition, 43 percent of online bets were placed using a mobile device or tablet. By 2020, these figures are likely to be much higher.

What are the benefits to Malta? Jobs, jobs, and more jobs, many of them well paid.

Malta’s online gaming industry is growing faster than ever, and as long as it continues to expand, there will be many roles to fill.

It can be very rewarding to work in iGaming in Malta. With the continued success of online casinos and betting sites, a number of new job categories are created, including social media executives, customer service representatives, account managers, human resources, software developers, content specialists and marketing executives, as well as finance and operations personnel.

Additionally, casino dealers and croupiers are some of the highest-paying jobs. More and more online casinos are offering players the chance to play live casino games. 

Malta’s iGaming industry attracts thousands of confident, smart, well-qualified and forward-thinking people from all over Europe. Malta has great weather, low crime rates, great beaches, an amazing culture, and the English language, but there’s so much more to it than that. 

The majority of iGaming companies in Malta offer excellent employee benefits.

There may be a relocation package, travel expenses paid, and up to a month in a corporate apartment to help you adjust.

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Many companies offer free gym memberships, vouchers, and discounts for events happening in Malta, top notch health insurance coverage, and even a free breakfast or lunch at the company restaurant.

iGaming companies in Malta generally have large, open-plan, modern offices, where staff can mix, take time out to think creatively, play pool or enjoy benefits such as Free Pizza Friday.

On top of that, you can expect to work in a team with enthusiastic and ambitious colleagues from around the world, learn new skills to keep you motivated, and earn a competitive salary.

As online casinos in Malta increase their capacity in terms of game variety and volume of games, there will always be a need for well-paid jobs.

It is immediately apparent how important variety is when you visit a popular online casino such as Cherry Casino. It has made a name for itself by offering players everything they could possibly need in one place. The market is awash with new offerings, and savvy players have no choice but to pay attention.

The fact that there are so many advancement opportunities is another factor that makes the iGaming industry attractive to employees.  You may start out at the bottom of the ladder, but you’ll find that there are a lot of opportunities and ways for you to progress. 

Your salary is also likely to rise as a result of those advancements in your career.

IGaming is actually an umbrella term that refers to any form or type of online gambling. 

This can include casino style games, binary trading, online sports betting, cryptocurrencies, esports betting, and fantasy sports. 

If you’re wondering why there is so much buzz about iGaming and the work benefits it offers, you can see it is well deserved and a sector well worth considering.

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