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Top 11 Baby Girl Hairstyles Tricks

Top 11 Baby Girl Hairstyles Tricks

Baby Girl Hairstyles Tricks

Hair – whether it’s baby girl hairstyles or my hair – isn’t my specialty. The Internet is filled with videos, blog posts, and Instagram accounts devoted to gorgeous lacings and intricate hairstyles. 

Braid Baby Girl Hairstyles 

I’ll not be starting a hair channel anytime soon, that’s for sure. My hair looks much the same every day, so I’d indeed lack content. And when it comes to little girl hairstyles, it took me time to figure out how to make my girls’ hair look decent. My thing when I’m doing my girls’ hair is for it to be quick (relatively lower than 2 twinkles per girl), look neat, and stay ( substantially) put all day. 

Little girl hairstyles 

Once, I’ve had many questions about “how I do my girls’ hair?” So even though my only qualifications are doing a Lot of French lacings on my sisters, my mama read audibly to us (I’m also a master nail painter as long as you don’t want anything fancier than one color). Then are all my tips for baby girl hairstyles that don’t bear any real chops. 

I keep all my girls’ hair inventories in the kitchen since I typically do their hair at the kitchen table after breakfast. 

  • A hairbrush (I use this bone) 
  • A Ziploc bag of rubber bands (these are my favorite) 
  • A spray bottle of water 
  • Some gel or spritz hair holder (I don’t have a favorite one – I principally pick whatever is on trade) 
  • An extensive collection of hair curvatures

I generally let them watch Pinkalicious on my phone while I do their hair, and they know that watching is over as soon as their hair is done. They’re good sports because they know I won’t let them watch if they throw a fit about turning it off after 6 twinkles. 

Braided hairstyles for girls 

I stick to the same 11 baby girl hairstyles and rotate them depending on what the girls want on any given day. 


TWO Lacings 

This is one of my pets – it’s cute and classic ( suppose Laura Ingalls or Pippi Long stocking), and it’s so presto. I part their hair down the middle, put one side in a loose rubber band so the part stays, spot the contrary side with the spray bottle, comb their hair flat, and pleat all the hair. I fasten it with a small rubber band and reprise it on the other side. Occasionally, if I’m feeling veritably fancy, I’ll put a small hair arc at the top of each plate. 

Little girl pleat styles 

Ella’s hair is relatively short, so I infrequently do this bone for her, but it’s Star’s favorite, and Ani likes it too. 


This is the utmost time-consuming of any hairstyles for little girls I do, but I love the look of French lacings on my girls. 


Of all the braided hairstyles for little girls out there, this is my favorite because it LOOKS fancy but is just two lacings plus a sprinkle of bull legs. I do two lacings just like usual, except I do them, moreover their cognizance/ on the side of the head than I typically would if I was leaving them down. Also, I cross them over the top of their head or across the reverse, tuck the ends under each other, and Bobby juts them in place, so they don’t fall out—braided hairstyles for girls. 


This is one of my top hairstyles for little girls because it’s so simple but looks so satiny and put together. I spot their hair with water, encounter it into a high ponytail, and also twist the hair before belting it around itself and securing it with another rubber band. I add an arc under the top knot and ta-da! Bitsy ballerina. 

Little girl hairstyles 

I do this haircut nearly every day for Ella and as frequently as Star will allow it. I infrequently do it for Ani because she has SO Important hair, and the brushing kills her, but I love how it looks on her. Tally, I’m coming for you with a top knot as soon as you have two elevations more hair.


This is analogous to a top knot, but I gather all the hair in a ponytail at the base of their head, and also, after twisting and belting the coat, I secure it with an alternate rubber band and add the arc above it somewhat or below it. 


I do this bone for Ani because she frequently wants her hair down, but this keeps it from getting QUITE as tangled. I part her hair on the side where it naturally corridor, brush the top into a small ponytail and add a hair arc. 


This is one step fancier than the former little girl haircut, and rather than fastening it into a ponytail, I pleat the small piece of hair and secure it with a rubber band. Bow still not voluntary. 


This is presently Ella’s favorite haircut, and it’s about as easy as you can conceivably get. I spot her hair nicely, encounter it into a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band before adding a hair arc. 


I mean, does this little girl’s haircut indeed need any explanation? This is one of my favorite toddler baby girl hairstyles when their hair is short and just starting to approach mullet status. The main thing is to comb their hair nicely and flat to look neat. I want to add a slight curvature to the top of each corner. Another key is not to bother when your child pulls out rubber bands and curves.


Of all the braided hairstyles I know how to do (which isn’t a long list), this is the bone I did the most for Ella last time. I’d say probably 170 days out of 180 academy days. 

Braided hairstyles for kiddies 

I part her hair on the side (which is where it naturally corridor) . Also French pleats it across the front of her head and down the side ( only adding a coat on the side closest to her hairline). Once I’ve got it to the base of her observance, I typically pleat it and fasten it with a rubber band. Also, I comb all the remaining hair into a ponytail, add the loose plate and secure it with a rubber band. Add an arc to the top of the ponytail, and voila! 

Top Knot bun for kiddies 

What are your go-to baby girl hairstyles? I’d love to add a lot further to my gyration! 

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