Is Falling Asleep After Eating A Sign of Diabetes?

Is falling asleep after eating a sign of Diabetes” – is the question that comes to everyone’s mind once in a while, who lacks the Blood Glucose regulating hormone, “Insulin.” Besides, this drowsiness can also come from tiredness or lack of sleep too. 

Apart from these, what else can cause this sudden urge for a nap once you are done with your meal? Yes! There are plenty of reasons behind this enervation, and it’s also a common symptom of Diabetes. 

This article wraps up the absolute idea of why people with Diabetes or no diabetes must go through this phase. What are the main possibilities that are causing the tiredness? And how can we get rid of them too? And lastly, the answer to your question of Is falling asleep after eating a sign of diabetes? 

Aside from this, there is a brief explanation of carbohydrate intake that can prevent this prostration and lead you to have a healthy lifestyle. So let’s refrain from acquiring further knowledge in the introduction and get inside this detailed content that follows a contrived layout. 

Short Illustration of “Diabetes”

Diabetes is a persistent disease that arrives when your body cannot produce the Insulin you require daily. Well, a hormone that controls your blood glucose level is called Insulin. 

In addition, this Insulin is produced by the Pancreas. And when the Pancreas fails to make the right amount of Insulin, illness such as Diabetes comes forward. 

Diabetes comes in two types. Type 1 Diabetes is when the body cannot produce enough Insulin, and the person needs to take Insulin daily. And the other one comes with Type 2 Diabetes, when your body cannot effectively use the Insulin you require. 

Impacts and Symptoms of Diabetes

As time goes on, Diabetes will eventually get to its worst and vandalize our other organs like the heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, and many more. Diabetes patients have a high chance of strokes and heart attacks. Lack of blood flow or nerve damage will lead to infections, ulcers in the legs, and many more. As a result, they must go through the Limb Amputation process. 

Moreover, long-term Diabetes can damage the retina’s tiny blood vessels, which may also result in blindness. Keeping apart the blindness, kidney failures, infections, and other major impacts mentioned above, a person can go through the inferior consequences of many other infectious diseases like COVID-19. 

Is Falling Asleep After Eating A Sign of Diabetes
Is Falling Asleep After Eating A Sign of Diabetes

Furthermore, such people often get thirsty. Therefore, they have plenty of water which results in frequent urination. They also face blurred eye vision and exhaustion due to Hyperglycemia

And Hyperglycemia is the increasing levels of blood sugar or blood glucose. So, in that case, if you are thinking that – is falling asleep after eating sugar a sign of Diabetes? Yes, it can be for Diabetes. But, despite these facts, other symptoms include

  • slow wound healing,
  • loss or gain in weight, and
  • Skins starts to get itchy a lot (I mean, seriously, a lot). 

Well, it is not just about feeling sleepy every time. Research also shows that people with Type 1 Diabetes also go through a lack of sleep. Therefore, having less sleep, they can’t stay agile during everyday physical activities. 

Young people with the disease often face anxiety, depression, or numbness issues. They also have to deal with severe physical pains throughout the leg, bone joints, elbow, and chest due to poor blood flow through nerves.  

Is Falling Asleep Right After Eating A Sign of Diabetes? Let’s Know! 

People living with Diabetes mostly stay exhausted throughout the whole day. But, it is not just about after eating. There are several reasons why they feel clumsy and drowsy during their non-sleep hours too. Let’s get to know some of the major reasons.

Rapid Change in Blood Sugar Level

One of the major reasons Diabetic patients fall asleep right after eating is their Blood Sugar Control. When the level of Blood Sugar changes, we feel sleepy, but Diabetic people seem to feel fatigued, which leads them to get exhausted very often. 

Research shows that people with Type 2 Diabetes are indirectly linked to this rapid change in blood sugar level. It happens when the person’s Diabetes is not under control. 

Chronic Inflammation

Aside from this, Chronic Inflammation plays a vital role for such a kind of Patient. It is about how your Immune System responds in the long term. 

Type 2 Diabetes is the major percentage of people living with Diabetes compared to Type 1 Diabetes. Because they are going through such Inflammation and Fatigue, it causes tiredness, clumsiness, or drowsiness. 

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes is a type of Diabetes that mostly happens during pregnancy. Still, women with Gestational Diabetes are often exhausted and tired throughout the day(apart from the tiredness of carrying the baby). It instantly makes the female fall asleep right after they are done with their meals. Therefore, Gestational Diabetes can also be an answer of your question “Is falling asleep after eating a sign of diabetes?”

Besides, it also increases blood sugar (above the normal level but below the diabetes diagnostics). Therefore, it creates massive complications when the Patient reaches the delivery stage, including the fact that delivered children of a Gestational Diabetes patient have a high chance of Type 2 Diabetes. 

Obesity / Excessive Weight Gain

Most people with more weight than they should be are going through Obesity Illness. Thus, the excessive amount of body fat leads the person to Type 2 Diabetes which initially makes them clumsy to move around and talking about meals? They rush to sleep right after eating.

What Can Cause Such Tiredness Apart From Diabetes?

Apart from being a Diabetic Patient, a person feeling sleepy right after eating is obvious. However, it relies on a person’s lifestyle, food habits, sleeping time, and other factors. We will get through them one by one down below.

Before that, if you are one of those having such exhaustion and often feel sleepy for weeks, or even guessing that is falling asleep right after eating is a sign of diabetes? Then make sure you visit a Doctor as soon as possible, as he/she can only measure out the symptoms getting revealed on your body.  

Well, then, let’s know some vital played reasons that are causing you this jetlag apart from Diabetes: 

Sleep Pauses

Some people frequently wake up from their deep sleep during night hours. It occurs for many reasons. Due to narrowing down the throat and causing breathing problems, sometimes it also occurs due to several hypnoses.

And having such sleep recess can cause drops in oxygen levels in your blood and make you snore loudly.


One of the most common reasons for staying worn off during the day is when the person goes through an illness like depression or anxiety. Most youngsters, like students, tend to have this exhaustion due to depression. 

Research has shown that a maximum number of people from 20-31 stay drained throughout their daily routine due to depression and anxiety. Thus, they mostly spend their time staying tired. And having such a disorder pushes them to feel asleep frequently. 

Remember, such a mood disorder will give you a hopeless feeling, low sex drive, pains, tears, and aches. And if you are not under daily practices, things might go from mild to extreme. 

Stressed Out

Once, people used to follow certain limits to pressure their brains on certain works. Nowadays, that’s very uncommon. People are way out of their limits and work as much as they dream of earning, which eventually creates so many problems in their brains that they can’t even think. 

Some work around 17 hours a day and return home late at Night. Such people instantly fall asleep right after completing their dinner. Now, if you are one of them too, and you are asking is falling asleep after eating is a sign of Diabetes? Then, mate! You are mistaken. It has nothing to do with Diabetes. It’s you who are causing this. 

Deficiency of Iron 

Another name is Anemia. It tends to make a person feel extremely down and sleepy. It is because your body requires enough red blood cells to regulate your organs. Thus, a lack of blood cells will result in poor functionality of organs and lesser movements of your body. And lack of red blood cells occurs due to having fewer iron intakes. 

Apart from the tiredness, lack of iron can also be the purpose of shortening breath, pallor, and palpitations of the heart. 

Thyroid underactivity

Tiredness and sleepiness is the most common observation of hypothyroidism. It gets worse slowly and is hard to notice right away. Also, hyperthyroidism will result in weight gain, pains, and muscle aches. 

This disease is mostly found in women and people of higher age. Therefore, are you facing such tiredness and falling asleep right after eating your meals? Then make sure you take a test and visit your doctor to measure out the level of hormones right away. 

There are many other reasons to fall asleep right after eating our meals, even if we are not Diabetic Patients. But the points mentioned above are the most common ones, and you can eventually work them out to get back to your best sleeping track. 

Brief About The Foods Causing Sleepiness Right After Eating

Well, exhaustion can also happen because of the intake of poor foods, mostly that includes Carbohydrates. Carbohydrate-filled foods give fatigue and tired feelings that lead you to sleep right away when you get into a comfort zone. 

Also, foods like pastries, cakes, white bread, and creams suddenly increase blood sugar levels, leading to an energy crash. And if you eat too much of such kinds of foods, you might end up having Diabetes. 

Therefore, it is better to intake high-carb foods and take complex carbs, including brown rice, oats, and many more. In addition, have as many vegetables as you can that include fiber. 

Points You Can Utilize To Sleep Better 

Both for Diabetes/ Non-Diabetes People!

All humankind needs good sleep to eliminate clumsiness, tiredness, and frequent falling asleep. However, no matter how many hours we sleep during the day, our next day is ruined if our Night’s sleep remains incomplete. Confirmed! Therefore make sure you have your complete nap hours during the Night, and for that, you can follow the following: 

Tight Sleep Schedule

No matter how tired you feel during your day, don’t sleep. Instead, keep yourself busy with something useful which can prevent you from falling asleep. Or you can stay out of your home during those hours. Just get involved in something to keep yourself away from sleep. And burst out that drowsiness at Night. 

Exercise Everyday

People say those who warm up their body with a morning run and end their day with a good workout include the best lifestyle. That is true! The more exercise you do, the more fit your body will get, and eventually, you can fight out your laziness in a blink. 

Excessive workouts might tear off this routine and make your body wear off. Thus, it will push your body to sleep. And even a power nap during the day is enough to ruin your Night’s sleep. But light work at Night will surely help you to nod off. 

Get a Proper Bedtime Observance

Do you believe that the better environment you can make during bed hours, the better you can sleep? If you don’t, try this. First, use dim lights that make your retina tired. Then, keep your place quiet enough not to get disturbed during night sleep. 

You can also play cool soft instrumental(specific flute) music to keep yourself calm. Sometimes, for me, it acts as a heaven for ears. So I suggest you must try it out. Moreover, if you are a Diabetic Patient, it will help your brain relax and keep you from getting hyped out. Suddenly getting hyped might increase the blood sugar level too. 

Using proper pillows and a mattress are the most comfortable things you can use to bring your sleep right away. Therefore, ensure you get some soft pillows and a mattress that can get you into your best comfort zone. 

Wrapping Up the Context

Is falling asleep after eating a sign of Diabetes? Yes, it is! But for people without Diabetic Illness, isn’t it obvious for them too? Even starting from a young kid to an older adult guy who had lots of food on their meals falls asleep right away. They don’t require any Diabetic illness or other reasons to fall asleep. 

Yet, people who are ongoing through Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational Diabetes face clumsy body pains, aches, and many more reasons behind their sleepiness. Therefore, taking care of their sugar intake, nutrients, fibers, and fewer carbohydrates is important. 

On the other hand, Individual body metabolism and the immune system respond to foods differently. So it is up to you to observe what your body can take and cannot. Therefore this content includes all the knowledge you need regarding body tiredness and the urge to sleep right after eating, whether you are a patient of Diabetes or not, and how you can get rid of this. 

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