Best Day for Trading Laptops for a 3,4,5 and 6 Monitor Setup

Is it possible to trade effectively with a laptop? Would the laptop be able to power up the six monitor setup? What makes a laptop better than a desktop for trading?

Perhaps these are some of the questions you have in mind. To choose the best equipment for your six monitor setup, you should be more meticulous. You’ll likely use this setup for a long time, so make sure you get your money’s worth.

Is a Laptop Better Than a Desktop for a 6 Monitor Setup?

Since this is a personal choice, there is no right or wrong answer. Some people prefer the convenience of a laptop, while others prefer a stationary setup. The decision is yours.

The portability of a laptop is one of its benefits. Traders often choose day trading because they can trade from anywhere. Laptops allow them to do so.

A laptop can still be connected to six monitors. Multi-monitor setups are now possible with many laptops that have external ports.

Because of this limitation, you cannot easily customize the features of your laptop to meet your needs. A desktop, however, can be customized. Add graphics cards to your desktop to make it capable of handling multiple monitors. As a result, you will have more flexibility if you decide to change the hardware settings in the future.

However, a laptop should be sufficient for most traders. Today’s laptops are equipped with reliable features. You can use them to trade effectively.

Factors to Look For in a Trading Laptop

Laptops are not all created equal. Consider these factors when choosing one for your 6 monitor setup:


If you want to know how easy it is to carry and transport, look at its size and weight specifications. You should always choose something light and slim that you can easily stash in your bag if you need to be on the go.

Additionally, if you have back issues that might make it difficult for you to carry heavy gadgets, you should consider something smaller and lighter.

Screen Size and Quality

You’re most likely going to use it while traveling even if the main purpose of the laptop is to hook it up to a six monitor setup. That’s why you need to be discerning when deciding which screen size to use.

For long-term use, a screen size of 13-14 inches is usually ideal. A good size for traders, programmers, office workers, and anyone who might have to stare at their screens for hours at a time. You might find 15-inch laptop screens too big if you’re also looking for portability.


A laptop’s processor is the only factor you need to consider when determining its speed. It is the part of the computer that processes data. You’ll come across a variety of processors but look at the benchmark score.

The ideal processor should have a benchmark score of 12,000 or higher. This is the minimum requirement for online trading. Anything less, and your laptop won’t have enough power to trade.

A laptop with a low benchmark score may have a bottleneck. As a result, your indicators and charts will be slower to update. In short, your system becomes sluggish.

You can now buy high-end laptops with benchmark scores up to 50,000. They tend to be more expensive, but they should last for years. This processor should be able to handle six monitors since you’re aiming for six monitors.

Monitor Quality

Even if you have more than one monitor, you still want your laptop to have a good monitor. Using your laptop for day trading would require the best brightness and color reproduction.

Check the laptop’s SRGB rating. The higher the rating, the better the display. You should get one with at least a 4K OLED display. You can clearly see the contrasts in your indicators with these laptops, which offer the most vibrant colors.


A laptop should have several ports so you can connect a 6-monitor setup to it. Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C are must-have features for high-end laptops. You can connect to multiple monitors, but you can also transfer data faster.


Multi-monitoring is essential for trading. Your laptop must have reliable RAM or Random Access Memory since you have so many variables to monitor.  RAM should be as high as possible.

Laptops for trading should have at least 8GB of RAM, but you should aim for at least 16GB. This way, your laptop will have plenty of room for additional data.  

Operating System

Verify what version of the operating system it will use. There are a number of features in Windows 10 that make monitoring and tweaking your trading settings much easier.

Battery Life

Laptops for trading are very versatile, which is what makes them so good. It can be used for a six monitor setup and can be taken anywhere.

If you plan to rely on its portability, make sure it also has a long battery life. Nowadays, most laptops have a battery life of at least 12 hours. You can go half a day without charging your laptop.


A laptop can be a good choice for your 6 monitor setup. Choose one that has features that can meet your trading needs. You can find a lot of good laptops that won’t break the bank. As a trader, you will need speed and screen quality more than other features.

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